Thursday March 11, 2021

Thursday – March 11th – Philippians 3:7
3:7 But what things were gain to me, these I have counted loss for Christ.
The Daily Walk Bible Inspirational thought for Thursday:
Hello Thursday. Today has the honor of being the seventy-first day of 2021. How quickly these first few months have flown by and how awesome it is that the hints of having the chill of winter is behind us. I am not naive enough to think we do not have a day or two of cold still left in the tank or maybe even a quick hitting snow shower, but I think those days are few and far between going forward. I can easily relate this as a strong parallel with my discipleship journey. There are those days when a step or two backwards are not unusual. But the great news is there are far more days when I am growing closer to God and living as a positive influence for the Kingdom of God. I just need to not over focus on those “off” days.

In our pick verse for today, Paul takes all the perceived honors he listed in the previous verses and throw them out with the simple statement in verse seven. Paul counted as loss all those the things of the religious world of his day when compared to a life in Christ. In other words, Paul sharply contrasts the excellency of knowing Jesus with the comparative worthlessness of everything else in life that we may perceive as valuable. Paul deliberately turned from his heritage and earlier religious training because none of those things could bring him into a relationship that God desired for us humans. Paul discovered on the road to Damascus that only Jesus could do what Paul had previously invested in rituals, rules, and regulations. What might be standing in our way of experiencing the fullness of a relationship with Jesus?

  Pastor Jim
Friday – March 12th – Philippians 3:8-9

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