Serve Saturday

We offer opportunities for volunteers of all ages and skill levels to provide much needed help throughout the community once every quarter. It also enables SunRise volunteers to plant the seed and optimistically begin building relationships with those in need. 

Next Serve Date - May 1st

Sparrow's Nest

 Yard Work including weeding, digging up and relocating some monkey grass, and power washing the fence and pergola. 

The Sharing Shed

 Serving Sharing Shed clients alongside other volunteers along with various other cleaning and organizing tasks. 

Homeless Mats

Learn to prep materials for the creation of homeless mats made from plastic grocery bags. 

SunRise Campus Maintenance

Weeding parking lot islands and playground, trimming along sidewalks, playground fence and perimeter of the property, pruning or trimming plant beds as needed & more.

Strong Tower Ranch

Project details coming soon.

Children's Blessing Bags

 Shop and assemble blessing bags for the children of homeless individuals. 


A shopping list of recommended items will be provided by the project leader. 

Flower Pot Painting

Painting pictures, bible verses, inspirational messages, etc... on flower pots. Each pot will have a flower planted in it. The plan is to deliver 25 pots to Delmar Gardens and 25 pots to The Landing. 

Cleaning Buckets for The Sharing Shed

Shop and assemble cleaning buckets for Sharing Shed Clients