Tuesday March 16, 2021

Tuesday – March 16th – Philippians 3:15  ----     
3:15 Therefore let us, as many as are mature, have this mind; and if in anything you think otherwise, God will reveal even this to you. 
Tuesday’s inspirational thought from the Daily Walk Bible:
Today is Tuesday, but not just any Tuesday. Today is the middle of the month of March Tuesday. That in and of itself does not make this Tuesday special, except that it is the one-year anniversary of SunRise transitioning into COVID response mode. It began on this Tuesday last March when those over sixty were “encouraged” to stay away from the building. By Thursday we had moved to shutting down offices and embracing all online worship services. We have experienced a lot in the last year and we have learned a lot in the last year. Both our experiences and our learnings focus on the reality that we never quit being the church God called us to be. We still, and maybe more effectively, met people in their greatest moments of need with both physical and spiritual nourishment. While the church building was eerily quit on Sunday mornings, the spirit of SunRise never faltered for a moment. I realize the last year has been difficult for many folks in many ways, including their connection to the church. What I learned is that more important than my connection to a building is my connection to God. When my connection to God is strong and secure, I can therefore endure temporary inconveniences and momentary challenges. Equally important both those inconveniences and challenges have provided new opportunities to witness about Jesus’ unconditional love and grace. I certainly do not want a repeat of this past year, but I also would not trade the opportunities we have had to impact people's lives in the shadow of our steeple and the shadows of our mailboxes.

Our pick verse for today comes toward the end of Paul’s somewhat lengthy discourse on all things being considered a loss when compared to Christ. Paul introduces the concept of being a mature follower of Jesus. Another way to translate “mature” is “perfected”. In this verse Paul speaks of a perfection applicable to the Christian’s daily walk. This is not a perfection in our actions that prevent us from sinning, but instead an attitude that speaks to the motives of one’s heart. One that sees all things through the supreme love off God. Those who are working toward a truly “perfect” heart attitude realize how much they still need to grow in their relationship with Christ and with others. We should not buy into any philosophy that suggest our current level of discipleship is enough.

 Pastor Jim
Wednesday – March 17th – Philippians 3:16

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