Wednesday May 26, 2021

Wednesday – May 26th – Intro to 1 Thessalonians    ---    

Today’s Daily Walk Bible inspirational thought:

     Good Wednesday to you!  This mid-week mark gives us time to pause and reflect on our week to this point. May is such a busy month and this week adds the extra focus on graduations. Last evening the SunRise Preschool celebrated another graduating class of aspiring future kindergarten students. While this year’s class size was altered because of the pandemic, nonetheless the kids were awesome, and the class days filled with learning and fun. Over the years SunRise Preschool has helped launch the school careers of over 1800 students. Friends, that is a lot of kids and a lot of families who have been nurtured in academics, life, and faith.

     Today we begin a new book of the bible – 1 Thessalonians. As is our custom we start each book with a rundown on the basics. This letter was written by the apostle Paul around 51AD and is considered by biblical scholars to be the first of his many epistles.  Prosperous, prominent, and thoroughly pagan best describes the seaport city of Thessalonica located in the norther section of modern-day Greece. The believers in Thessalonica first heard the gospel on Paul’s second missionary journey. The church at Thessalonica was in many ways a model church. Paul commends the believers in several areas: their exemplary faith, diligent service, patient steadfastness, and overflowing joy. But in the midst of his commendation, Paul offers a word of caution: Abounding in the work of the Lord is only one step removed from abandoning the work of the Lord through complacency. Thus, Paul exhorts the Thessalonians to live holy lives, to increase in their love for one another, and to encourage and build each other up. In all of this, they should always be joyful, prayerful, and thankful in every situation. In short, Paul encourages them to “stay on target” as they labor for the Lord. As we work are way through this book, we will focus on this very importance message of avoiding complacency in our own spiritual walk.

  Pastor Jim
Thursday – May 27th – 1 Thessalonians 1:1

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