Tuesday October 5, 2021

Tuesday – October 5th – 2 Timothy Introduction     -----    

The Daily Walk Bible inspirational thought for today:
    Happy Tuesday to you! Another great week has jumped off to a great start as we all embrace the opportunity to represent the Kingdom of Heaven no matter where our shadow is cast today. Our inspirational thought reminds me that we represent the answer to all of life’s struggles. We represent the fullness of God who is willing to meet us in our sins and through His unconditional love removes the barrier that sin builds up between creator and creation. We represent the word of God made alive in and through Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Friends, we represent the only savior of the world to a people who are lost, hurting, and confused. What a great day to be alive and represent the one who has transformed our own lives from darkness to light.
   Today we begin a new book in the Bible – Paul’s second letter to Timothy. In this almost four-year journey, which began in in January 2018 as a yearlong pick of my 365 favorite Bible verses has evolved into a verse-by-verse study of God’s word for our lives. To date we have completed 54 books of the Bible and have, counting 2 Timothy, 12 books left to go. I really have no idea when we will eventually arrive at the end of Revelation 22, but anticipate that we have lots of days still ahead of us in 2022.
  Written around 66 or 67 AD, 2 Timothy is Paul’s final letter to his young coworker, who is serving as the spiritual leader in the church in Ephesus. Carried over from this first letter is the recurring theme reminding Timothy of the importance of staying true to God’s Word. Paul encourages Timothy, perhaps somewhat hesitant and timid as he faces persecution, to find in Scripture all he needs to persevere in his Christian walk and in his pastoral ministry. From his lonely death-row cell, Paul passes the torch of pastoral leadership on to Timothy. Paul reflects on his own ministry of preaching God’s Word and the gospel of Christ— and looks forward to the reward from God that awaits him. Faithfulness, boldness in preaching and warnings of the coming rebellion against God’s word is the message Paul gave Timothy – a message that is still relevant to our own journey as followers of Jesus.

  Pastor Jim
Wednesday – October 6th – 2 Timothy 1:1-2

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