Monday October 18, 2021

Monday – October 18th – 2 Timothy 2:5-7     -----    

2:5 And also if anyone competes in athletics, he is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules.
6 The hard-working farmer must be first to partake of the crops. 
7 Consider what I say, and may the Lord give you understanding in all things. 
The Daily Walk Bible inspirational thought for Monday:
    Yes, today is Monday!  We begin a new week with lots of yet to be revealed opportunities to represent the Kingdom of Heaven. Each morning when I prepare to leave for work, I pack my lunch in anticipation of noon arriving and the opportunity to enjoy my traditional PB&J meal. While this might be a fairly simple routine to follow in remembering to fix my lunch, it provides me with the desired outcome of a ready and waiting meal. The same theory exists in our anticipation and preparation for seizing the opportunity to witness when it comes along. If we have failed to expect the opportunity, we will also fail to be fully prepared to share Jesus with someone else when the time comes. What is the old saying – failing to plan is planning to fail. Friends, be ready this week whenever the opportunity comes along to be a witness to God’s unconditional love and grace.
    In our pick verses today, Paul uses the illustrations of an athlete and a farmer as those who have learned the importance of discipline, obedience, and endurance. The rules and parameters set forth in athletic competition are necessary for both training times and for the race itself. It is extremely unlikely that an athlete can set into a highly competitive race with any chance of winning without first having spent adequate time preparing both mind and body. Paul also lifts up the hard work required by farmers to bring a crop from soil preparation to harvest. The livelihood of the farm family depends on every step in the process being followed. There are no shortcuts to success in farming or in athletics. The same holds true for our growth as a disciple of Jesus. Our personal discipleship path requires hard-work, discipline, obedience, and endurance to produce fruit for the Kingdom of Heaven.

  Pastor Jim
Tuesday – October 19th – 2 Timothy 2:8

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