Thursday October 21, 2021

Thursday – October 21st – 2 Timothy 2:10     -----    
2:10 Therefore I endure all things for the sake of the elect, that they also may obtain the salvation which is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory.

The Daily Walk Bible inspirational thought for today:

     Good Thursday to you! Once again, our inspirational thought connects both to our scripture verse and to our SunRise 2022 Commitment campaign. Christianity has never been a spectator sport. Christianity has also never been an inwardly only focused activity. As fully committed followers of Jesus we are to focus our attention to witnessing and serving those around us. We can experience the grace of God’s unconditional love and receive the gift of eternal peace and salvation through the promise of God. However, if we stop there – with our golden ticket to heaven in hand – yet ignore the reality that reaching out is a natural outpouring of our discipleship process we have missed the very thing God did for us. God’s grace is the perfect example of “showing” love. God expressed His love for us that while we were still dead in our sins, He reached out to us. Hmmm…. If God can do that for us, who can we “show” that we are Christians instead of just telling them?
    In our pick verse today, Paul continues to expand on Timothy’s (and our) need for patient endurance as a follower of Jesus. This revered and highly effective apostle willingly endured many different sufferings in order to bring the good news of salvation to others. He accepts his earthly situations as pale in comparison to the light of eternal glory he will one day receive for God. Paul’s witness endured through knowing that He was working on behalf of the Kingdom of Heaven and was sent to those who would respond with a faith in Jesus. Paul’s use of the work “elect” doesn’t mean that God has chosen some to be saved and others to not be saved, but because of God’s omniscience (all knowing) He is already aware of those who will say “yes” to the gift of salvation. You may be a necessary and crucial part of someone moving toward a “yes” to Jesus. Whom is God placing in your path today that needs for you to “show” them you are a follower of Jesus?

  Pastor Jim
Friday – October 22nd – 2 Timothy 2:11-13

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