Sunday November 21, 2021

Sunday – November 21st – Titus 1:15     -----     
 1:15) To the pure all things are pure, but to those who are defiled and unbelieving nothing is pure; but even their mind and conscience are defiled.

The Daily Walk Bible inspirational thought for Sunday:
    Happy and healthy Sunday to you! What a great inspirational thought for us today. As we take time from our busy lives to worship God today the inspirational thought reminds us that we are the recipients of God’s grace and unconditional love. And the best part that is not just today, or only on Sundays, but God’s love is poured out on us every single day of our lives. We however must be open to accept the love and grace God offers to us. For me it becomes easier to receive when I am also focused on giving to others as well. Who in your circle of influence needs to experience a little extra portion of God’s grace and love? How might you help deliver what God has to offer?
    In our pick verses for today and tomorrow, we close out the first chapter of the book of Titus and within it Paul concludes his current teaching topic on false teachers within the church of Crete. Paul lays out the contrast between the pure and impure hearts of people. Paul echoes Jesus’ teaching that it is a person’s attitude that is most important to God. The real litmus test of purity is found in the heart of the person. On the other hand, the person whose mind and conscience are defiled can neither thing clearly about spiritual things nor distinguish between good and evil. If a person’s thinking and conscience are wrong, then their actions and reactions are seldom appropriate. But if a person has the mind/attitude of Christ and has a heart filled with love, a life of holy living will follow. Our personal inner cleansing of heart, mind, and attitude is available thought Christ’s blood that flowed on our behalf as the mark of the forgiveness of our sin. Today celebrate God’s love for you that while we were still dead in our sins Christ Jesus died for us.

  Pastor Jim
Monday – November 22nd – Titus 1:16
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