Monday February 21, 2022

Monday – February 21st – Hebrews 9:1     -----     
9:1) Then indeed, even the first covenant had ordinances of divine service and the earthly sanctuary. 
The Daily Walk Bible inspirational thought for today:
     Good Monday to you all. Today we begin the last full week of February – wow time sure flies by in a hurry. Our inspirational thought for today is once again filled with an abundance of truth about human nature. It reminds me of the opening sentence in Rick Warren’s “Purpose Driven Life” book – Its not about me. From my experience of humanity – both self and society, I add what Rick Warren failed to include – It's not about me, well unless it's specifically about me. In other words, we are quick to say in general that obstacles in life are no big deal until they become obstacles that affect us personally. I have found in my life that it is easy to make bold statements, but much harder to carry out the actions when the rubber meets the road. As we begin a new week with our focus on populating the kingdom of Heaven, let us work to match or words and our actions regardless of the obstacles we may face.
    In our pick verse today, we embark on our study of the ninth chapter of the book of Hebrews. This chapter will focus on the contrasts between the Hebrew sacrifices, specifically the atonement sacrifices, and the ultimate and final sacrifice by Jesus. The first ten verses of this chapter describe the Day of Atonement sacrifices begun following the Hebrews escape from Egyptian slavery. The Day of Atonement was an annual ritual wherein the High Priests would make numerous sacrifices on behalf of the entire nation. The rituals included placing s hands on the head of a goat which represented the transference of the nation’s sins onto what has become known as the scapegoat. It was then released into the wilderness symbolically carrying the sins of the people away from them and away from their camp.  No matter how careful the atonement rituals and sacrifices were followed they could not cleanse the inner conscience of an individual. By contrast, Jesus’ offering of Himself gained Him entrance into the heavenly sanctuary, established a new covenant, and thus provided for our salvation through the complete cleansing of our sin. What a powerful reminder of God’s claim on our life as we begin this new week.

  Pastor Jim
Tuesday – February 22nd – Hebrews 9:2-5

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