Tuesday April 19, 2022

Tuesday – April 19th – Hebrews 12:8-9     -----      
12:8) But if you are without chastening, of which all have become partakers, then you are illegitimate and not sons.
9) Furthermore, we have had human fathers who corrected us, and we paid them respect. Shall we not much more readily be in subjection to the Father of spirits and live?
The Daily Walk Bible inspirational thought for today:
    Good Tuesday morning to you! Our inspirational thought for today is perfect for us as we navigate this week after Easter. Expressing our gratitude, at times, can be a challenging discipline. I know that in my life I have more than enough possessions to make my life filled complete and extremely more than enough to over fill my storerooms and closets. It is easy in our fast-paced and affluent lifestyles to get caught up in the temptation of entitlement. When expectation and entitlement become the foundation of our receiving/possessing than gratitude finds itself in the distant background. At best we give lip-service to gratitude, but we probably still operate out of a mindset that we deserve what we get and that they come through our own efforts. Gratitude is the self-awareness that all blessings, big or small, flows from the love God has for us. When we come to this realization, we will experience true happiness.

     In our pick verses today, we continue to explore the relationship between God and humanity, especially when we tend to rebel against God’s love for us. As we read these verses it is easy to ask the question to what end does God’s loving disciple lead? Our author reminds us that we will have the blessing of living eternally in God’s presence. We shall also be partakers of God’s holiness, of His very character becoming ours when we enter the gates of Heaven. We are challenged in these verses to reflect on our human relationships and how much more our relationship with God should be filled with respect and love. God is our eternal and spiritual father far superior from our earthly fathers and perfect in every way. Today we celebrate God’s love through both blessings and discipline, and to receive each when appropriate.

  Pastor Jim
Wednesday – April 20th – Hebrews 12:10-11

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