Sunday April 24, 2022

Sunday – April 24th – Hebrews 12:16     -----      
12:16) lest there be any fornicator or profane person like Esau, who for one morsel of food sold his birthright.
The Daily Walk Bible inspirational thought for today:

     Hello Sunday! What a great day to set aside some time to spend worshiping the God who has created us and has blown into us the very breath of life. Not only that, but God has also extended to us a free invitation to spend eternity with Him in the splendor of Heaven. God did all the work to arrange our entry and all we needed to do was to say yes! Given the choices – heaven or hell, eternal blessings or eternal punishment – we have lots to be thankful for if we have made the decision to say yes to God. And the best thing is that our expressions of thankfulness are not just for Sundays – we can give God thanks every day of the week.

     In our pick verse today, we continue to explore God’s design of individual spiritual holiness. The author of Hebrews has crafted such a great process that we are taking his one long and several verses thought and slowly unpacking it step by step. Today we see the opposite results of seeking holiness in the reflection on the life of Esau. For reference purpose, Esau, the oldest son of Isaac, gave away his first-born rights to his younger brother Jacob for a bowl of food. Later he had his father’s blessing stolen through the scheming of his mother and brother. Before we feel all bad for Esau, his life story includes him intentionally treating God’s gift of grace with contempt. Such a person, then or now, cuts themselves off from the flow of God’s blessings. Esau made personal choices that put him in this situation. The Christians of the first century reading this letter were in danger of doing the same through their personal choices regarding a lack of pursuit for holiness in their lives.

  Pastor Jim
Monday – April 25th – Hebrews 12:17

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