Friday May 6, 2022

Friday – May 6th – Hebrews 13:8     -----    

13:8)   Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
The Daily Walk Bible inspirational thought for today:

     Happy Friday to you! For those of you away from the shadow of the O’Fallon steeple you can probably hear the voices of those in the shadow of the steeple singing “rain rain go away”. Yes, another wet and soggy day is wrapping up this rainy week. Our inspirational thought for today brings both a smile to my face as well as a plunk to my heart. The accompanying Bible reading texts for the last two days come from the Old Testament books of Ezra and Nehemiah who found themselves deep in prayer over the ruins of the Temple and the city of Jerusalem. For each of these men a conversation with God was all they had left and provided an opportunity for their heartfelt requests to go directly to the throne of God. Prayer is the most powerful possession we have as human beings. Prayer allows us to enter into a conversation with the creator of all that exists. Prayer is letting God know our needs and then waiting patiently for God to answer. On this rainy Friday slow down today and practice waiting patiently on the Lord.
    In our pick verse today, we read one of the great nuggets of scripture well worth memorizing, and then intentionally putting it into our thought process. In our topsy-turvy, chaotic, fast-paced, every-changing world it is comforting for me to be reminded that Jesus is forever unchanging. No matter the hottest fad, the newest thought, or the latest insight the message of Jesus remains unchanged yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Though we humans have much to add from our unlimited stream of ideas, we must always keep our eyes focused on the teachings of Jesus, the source of all wisdom. In an ever-changing world we must anchor ourselves to the unchanging love of Jesus. I heard a wise person once say that instead of trying to change Jesus to fit our situation, we need to change our lives to fit Jesus’ teachings. Jesus is in the business of transformation.

   Pastor Jim
Saturday – May 7th – Hebrews 13:9-10

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