Tuesday May 31, 2022

Tuesday – May 31st – James 1:3     -----      
1:3)  knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. 
The Daily Walk Bible inspirational thought for today:

     Happy Tuesday to you! Today’s inspirational thought is a great reminder for us as we start a new week of focusing on our discipleship growth. This thought comes from the daily scripture reading that includes the last three chapters of the book of Job. When we become a follower of Jesus, we are not automatically immune to times of trails and struggles in our life. When we have an active prayer life and a close connection to the creator, we are laying the groundwork for the strength needed in times of afflictions. Whatever you are experiencing today in your life we can be confident that God has our back and is in control of each and every situation we face. At times we may question the speediness or results of God’s response, but our faith should answer that God has a plan and a purpose for each of us.
   In our pick verse today, we continue to dive into the opening thoughts of James as he makes a case for our perseverance in times of challenges. Wow, that seems to be the common theme for today’s blog. In yesterday’s verse James stated we should embrace suffering as pure joy. Today he elaborates on that statement by saying that times of suffering will perfect our faith through the birthing of patience. Admittedly I am not a patient person by nature, so these words are especially needed to balance my sometime impatient responses to life’s circumstances. James is also, albeit it implied, reminding believers that struggles and trials in life are part of the devil’s scheme to disrupt our relationship with God. I can’t help but refer back to the inspirational thought for today and the need to add prayer to my arsenal of spiritual warfare weapons.

  Pastor Jim
Wednesday – June 1st – James 1:4

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