Monday August 15, 2022

Monday – August 15th – Intro to 1 Peter     -----     
The Daily Walk Bible inspirational thought for today:

     Welcome to an awesomely unique Monday. Yes, it is Monday the first day of the week, today is also the mid-point in the month of August (yes already), we also celebrate today the beginning of 1 Peter in our daily scriptures, and a new book in the Daily Walk Bible – the book of Ezekiel. With all this newness we should be all set for some great wisdom and insight from the word of God. In fact, the inspirational thought for today reminds us to keep God’s purpose first and foremost as the lens though which we see the world. Proverbs 29:18 simply states that without vision we will perish. To resist and all together avoid an uncommitted life, we must fix our eyes upon the word, way, and will of God.
    Today we explore what, why, and where of the New Testament book of 1 Peter. As the name indicates this book was written by the apostle Peter who was part of the inner three circle of Jesus’ closest followers. This book was written in approximately 63AD to Jewish Christians scattered throughout the Roman Empire who were undergoing intense persecution for their faith. He reminds his readers that God has given them the privilege of being born again in Christ. And because of their identification with Christ, they shouldn’t be surprised when suffering comes their way; they should expect it, prepare for it, and respond to it correctly by trusting in God. He also encourages them to imitate Christ through a submissive spirit toward one another. If they do these things, God will richly reward them when the trials of life are over. This book will be a great read to help us in our world today!

   Pastor Jim
Tuesday – August 16th – 1 Peter 1:1

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