Sunday November 13, 2022

Sunday – November 13th – 2 Peter 1:5
1:5) In view of all this, make every effort to respond to God’s promises. Supplement your faith with a generous provision of moral excellence, and moral excellence with knowledge,
The Daily Walk Bible inspirational thought for today:
   A very blessed Sunday to you. I am excited to share with the readers of this scripture blog – especially those who live in the shadow of the SunRise steeple – that our worship arts department is reforming our bell choir for the Christmas season. If you would like to be part of playing bells (think of all those great songs of the season) please let me know, or email James Jones – The group will begin practice on Wednesday November 16th at 6pm in room 215. In case you might need a little nudge, then take a second reading of our inspirational thought for today.
    In our pick verse for today Peter continues to instruct his readers on the importance of pursuing a holy relationship with God. When we seek God, we leave the devil in the dust. Because God’s promised power is a true and present reality, we must with intentionality grow in our faith walk by cultivating the characteristics listed in this verse and in verses 6 & 7 tomorrow. The ability to discern false teachings, of knowing right from wrong, is a gift God willing departs on us when we ask. If left to our own human logic and cultural wisdom we will always fall far short of the glory God has intended for us here on earth, not to mention what is waiting for us in Heaven. John Wesley is credited to have written this poignant warning; “It is dangerous to depart from Scripture…most of the controversies which have disturbed the Church have arisen from people’s wanting to be wise above what is written, not contented with what God has plainly revealed there.” Don’t be deceived by the evil one into thinking that we know more than God.

   Pastor Jim
Monday – November 14th – 2 Peter 1:6-7

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