Tuesday November 14, 2023

Tuesday – November 14th – Revelation 16 Introduction      ------     
The Daily Walk Bible inspirational thought for today:

      Welcome to Tuesday! Our inspirational thought for today helps set our Tuesday in motion. All of us are given multiple opportunities each day to serve on behalf of the Kingdom of Heaven. Sometimes that service can be within our own homes, other times we are dispatched to serve halfway around the globe, but for most of us our service to others falls somewhere in between. No matter the “where” of our serving the bottom line is that we are not doing it for recognition or accolades. While it is true our serving can inspire others to find the blessing in service, we should never lead the band wagon parade of announcing our own activities. It is always best to remember that humility is the better part of serving.

     As we begin the sixteenth chapter of John’s revelation, today will be a brief setup and review of where we are in this divinely directed drama. Chapter sixteen begins the third set of God’s judgements on the earth. Frist was the seal judgements (6:1-8:5), then the trumpet judgements (8:6-11:19), and now finally the bowl judgements (16:1-21). Interestingly, some biblical scholars view these three sets of judgement as one set of events within three different descriptions; some see them as occurring consecutively; others see repetition with increasing intensity. Regardless of which view is correct, the results are the same – the complete and final defeat of God’s enemy. As we will read in the coming days, the bowl judgements, like the trumpet judgements, will affect the earth, seas, inland waters, and sky. The last three are direct judgements leveled on humanity. The main difference between the bowl and trumpet judgements is that the trumpets are partial while the bowls are complete and final.

  Pastor Jim
Wednesday – November 15th – Revelation 16:1

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