Wednesday April 10, 2024

Wednesday – April 10th – Revelation 22:14    -----     
22:14) Blessed are those who wash their robes. They will be permitted to enter through the gates of the city and eat the fruit from the tree of life.
The Daily Walk Bible inspirational thought for today:

    Good Wednesday to you! Last call reminder for those interested in knowing more about SunRise Church and about what it means to be a member of this church family. This Saturday, April 13th, we will be hosting our spring Membership Pathway class beginning at 9am. Come and learn about our SunRise history, Wesleyan based beliefs, our organizational structure, and the many ministries that makes SunRise one of the best places in the world to belong. You can register for the class by going to the SunRise website or app and click on the “events” page.

     In our pick verse today, John continues to record the words of Jesus as the final insights of what is to come following the end of the world as we know it. One of the designations for those martyrs who stood their ground for Christ during the tribulation is that they will be in white robes that were washed clean by the blood of the Lamb. The eternal reward for their commitment to Christ is that they have free and unhindered access to the entirety of New Jerusalem and will be able to enter through the gates of the city without hesitation. Citizenship in Heaven for all earthly believers is often described as an “already but not yet” state of existence. We become citizens of Heaven when we give our lives to Christ. In spite of all the challenges in life, we can enjoy the rights of citizenship while still in our human bodies. Another way of stating this is that we believers are resident aliens here on earth.

  Pastor Jim
Thursday – April 11th – Revelation 22:15

*The Daily Walk Bible NLT: Explore God's Path to Life (p. 1351). Tyndale House Publishers. Kindle Edition.

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